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Map View

Table of contents

  1. Map
    1. Controls
      1. Right click menu
  2. Map View Tab
  3. Chunks Tab
  4. Options Tab
    1. Resource Packs
  5. About Tab


Chunky displays an overhead view of your world within the center panel under the Map tab, highlighted in red in the above image, and should be the default view when you launch Chunky. While this view can be used for mapping purposes it’s primary use is for making chunk selections for renders much easier. There are two available modes for the Map; At (map) Scale 13 or greater you will be shown individual blocks and for a Scale of 12 or under you will be displayed a biome view.


  • Left click and drag to move the viewport (also see Map View Tab)
  • Left click to select/deselect a Chunk (at Scale 16 or higher) or a Region (at Scale 15 or lower)
  • Shift + Left click and drag to create a draggable chunk selection. Note - Shift does not need to be held continuously only Left click does; On release selection of Chunks is made.
  • Mouse wheel to change Map Scale (also see Map View Tab)
  • Right click to open a menu with some Selection and Render related options

Prior to left clicking an outline of the highlighted Chunk will be shown. After left clicking the outline will be filled in and Selected.
Prior to left clicking an outline of the highlighted Region will be shown. After left clicking the Region outline will be filled in and Selected.
Draggable selection Right click menu

Biome view

Right click menu

The right click menu provides some selection and render related controls.

  • New scene from selection - Create a new 3d scene from selection
  • Clear selection - Clear selection
  • Move camera here - Moves camera to coordinates of right click
  • Select camera-visible chunks - Selects chunks visible to 3d camera and within the Maps current viewport.

Map View Tab

  • Current World - Displays the currently selected Minecraft world
  • Change World - Opens prompt to select a Minecraft world

  • Reload - Reloads currently selected Minecraft world
  • Dimension - Currently selected dimension is highlighted
  • Scale - Controls map Scale
  • Coordinates - Provides X,Z coordinates of the Maps view
  • track player - Centers Maps view on players position
  • track camera - Centers Maps view on 3D Cameras position

Chunks Tab

  • Clear selection - Clears current selection
  • Delete selected chunks - WARNING - Delets currently selected chunks; have a backup
  • Export chunks to ZIP - Exports selected chunks to a .ZIP archive
  • Export view to PNG - Exports current map view to a .PNG image

Options Tab

  • Edit resource packs - Allows you to select a Resource Pack or Minecraft .jar for textures.
  • Single color textures - Averages block textures into single color.
  • Show launcher when starting Chunky
  • Open Scenes Directory - Opens the directory Chunky uses to store it’s scenes.
  • Change Scenes Directory - Changes folder used for the scenes directory.

Resource Packs

  1. Add

  2. Select either a .ZIP or a minecraft .jar (found within .minecraft/versions/x/x.jar)

  1. Left Click a resource pack in the list and use Up/Down to move resource packs. Packs higher in the list will have their textures take priority over those below, including the latest Minecraft .jar which should be loaded regardless.

  1. Apply

(5.) You may need to to hit Reload under the Map View Tab and/or Reload Chunks if you have an active render; This should be done automatically…

About Tab

Has a few useful links and Chunky’s credits!