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Render Preview

Table of contents

  1. Render Preview
    1. Controls
    2. Right click menu
    3. Target details

Render Preview

Once chunks have been selected and loaded they can be viewed in 3D within the Render Preview tab; Chunky should automatically switch to this view once chunks or a scene have been loaded. Depending on a few conditions either a fast flat path-traced preview image of the view into the world will be displayed OR, if either the render is started or there exists a dump file for the scene, a higher quality, and possibility noisy, multi-sample path-traced image will be shown; and updated in real-time as new samples are completed.

Below is an example of the path tracer in action.


Camera key bindings (Standard camera projection)

W - move forward (1 unit)

S - move backward (1 unit)

A - strafe left (1 unit)

D - strafe right (1 unit)

R - move up (1 unit)

F - move down (1 unit)

U - toggle fullscreen mode

K - move forward x100 - move forward (1 unit)

J - move backward x100 - move backward (1 unit)

Modifier keys

Shift - 0.1x

Ctrl - 100x

Right click menu

Set target - Default targetting is center view, this changes the target to a location on screen. Useful for Autofocus.

Show Guides - Enables thirds guidelines (overlay) to help frame up shots.

Canvas scale - Default is Fit to Screen with fixed scale options between 25% and 400%.

Target details

The Target details box shows up in the bottom left hand corner of the preview tab when the target changes; mouse dragging or via Set Target. The three lines provide the following information:

Subject Distance in metres.

Block and state of target (not including entities).

Position of target.