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Render Controls

Table of contents

  1. General
    1. Select 3D Scene
  2. Render controls
    1. Scene
    2. Lighting
    3. Sky & Fog
    4. Water
    5. Camera
    6. Entities
    7. Materials
    8. Postprocessing
    9. Advanced
    10. Help

Render Preview


Scene(name) - Input field for the current scene’s name (Press enter to apply).

Save scene - Saves current scene.

Load scene - Opens the Select 3D Scene dialog.

Save current frame - Saves the current frame of the Render.

Copy current frame - Copies the current frame of the render to the clipboard.

Select 3D Scene

Provides a list of all detected scenes in the Scenes directory.

Delete - Deletes the currently selected scene (with a confirmation prompt).

Export - Exports the currently selected scene as a .zip file to a custom location.

Cancel - Closes the Select 3D Scene dialog

Load selected scene - Load the scene you have selected; Can also double click on a scene to load it.

Render controls


Open scene directory - Opens current scene’s directory on disk.

Export settings - Allows you to export scene settings on a per section basis.

Import settings - Import .json files.

Restore default settings - Restores settings to default.

Load selected chunks - Loads currently selected chunks.

Reload chunks - Reloads currently selected chunks.

Canvas size - (WxH) Drop down has a few presets.

Set default - Sets current canvas size as default.

x0.5, x1.5, x2 - Modifies the canvas size by the amount. ie Wx0.5,Hx0.5

Load players

Enable biome colors

Save dump once every - Recommended to save often as to not loose any progress on renders if the worst occurs. But not too often as this process does take time.

Save snapshot for each dump

Y min clip - Default 0; Setting this will cut off blocks below which can speed up renders.

Y max clip - Default 256; Setting this will cut off blocks above which can speed up renders.


Sky light - Default 1.

Enable emitters - Toggles emitters on/off.

Emitter intensity - Default 13.

Emitter Sampling Strategy - None, One, All. Introduction to ESS

Enable sunlight - Toggles whether or not sunlight should be traced.

Draw sun - Hides the sun texture in the sky.

Sun intensity - Default 1.25.

Sun azimuth - Controls the azimuth or horizontal rotation of the sun.

Sun altitude - Controls the altitude or vertial rotation of the sun.

Sun color - RGB picker.

Sky & Fog

Sky mode - Simulated, Solid Color, Color Gradient, Skymap (panoramic), Skymap (spherical), Skybox, Black

Sky mode settings

Simulated - Simulates a sky

  • Sky Mode - Preetham is a basic day time model that breaks if the sun altitude is below the horizon. Nishita is a more realistic day time model that fades to black if the sun is below the horizon. At present there are no night time sky models in Chunky.

  • Horizon offset - 0.0

Solid Color - Paints a solid color sky.

  • RGB picker

Color Gradient - Smooth blended gradient between two or more colors.

Skymap (panoramic) - Panoramic sky textures either taken in real life or generated by other applications can be used.

  • Load skymap - Opens a file picker

  • Vertical resolution - Half (mirrored) ie 360x90 or Full 360x180

  • Skymap rotation - Rotates the skymap horizontally.

Skymap (spherical) - These aren’t that common.. I’m not sure.

  • Load skymap - Opens a file picker

  • Skymap rotation - Rotates the skymap horizontally.

More information on Skymaps and downloads - External

Skybox - Load upto 6 textures which get mapped onto a cuboid to act as a sky. More information

  • Up, Down, Front, Back, Left, Right - Opens a file picker

  • Skymap rotation - Rotates the skybox horizontally.

Black - Not sure why we have this option given we have a Solid Color option.


Transparent sky - Makes the sky transparent.

Enable clouds - Toggles simple clouds on and off.

Cloud size - Controls the scaling of the clouds (it’s a simple “3D” texture so it’ll change position).

Cloud X - Shifts clouds along X axis.

Cloud Y - Shifts clouds along Y axis.

Cloud Z- Shifts clouds along Z axis

Fog density - Logarithmic scaled Fog density. The default of 0 is off. Scales between 0.001 and 1.0. Depending on scene composition the impact Fog density can have is variable. You may need to manually enter values into the text field to access densities between 0.0 - 0.001 and 1.0+.

Sky fog blending - Controls the amount that Fog will bleed into the sky. This is not impacted by Fog density and can be used to help avoid masking a Sky Texture while still blending.

Fog color - RGB picker.


Still water - Disables wavy water normals.

Water visibility - Controls the distances rays can travel in water before being terminated.

Water opacity - Controls the opacity of the water (mainly for color).

Water plane - Toggles an infinite water plane.

User custom water color - Toggle; Otherwise will use biome water color

Pick color - RGB picker.


Load preset - Isometric (NW, NE, SE, SW), Skybox (Right, Left, Up, Down, Front (North), Back)

  • Isometric - Sets camera to parallel with the camera aimed down at 45 degrees towards the center of the currently loaded chunks. Yaw depends on mode selected.

  • Skybox - From the center of the currently loaded chunks look towards that skybox.

Camera - Allows a scene to have multiple independant camera which have different properties.

  • Clone - Clones selected camera

  • Remove - Removes selected camera

Position & Orientation

  • Position - X, Y (height), Z

  • Orientation - Yaw, Pitch, Roll

  • Lense shift - Horizontal lense shift, Vertical lense shift : Relative to canvas height.

Camera to player - Moves the selected camera to the “players” position. Which one? No clue.

Center camera - Centers camera within currently loaded chunks.

Projection mode

  • Standard - Default pinhole projection.

  • Parallel

  • Fisheye

  • Stereographic

  • Panoramic (equirectangular)

  • Panoramic (slot)

  • Omni-deirctional Stereo (left/right eye)

Field of view (zoom)

Depth of field - Lower values increase strength of Depth of field.

Subject distance - Distance from camera to block/object you wish to focus on.

Autofocus - Typically only useful for range finding (Subject Distance) unless working with closer blocks. DoF typically needs to be adjusted manually if looking for a stronger effect. Autofocues on the target block.


Entity management. Allows the removal and creation of Entities while posing them.


Filter - Filter materials list


Material Properties

Emittance - Disable or control the per block emittance intensity.

Specular - Controls the specularity of blocks 0.0 - 1.0.

IoR- Index of Refraction

NOTE - Support for PBR resource packs is WIP and will fundamentially change how this all functions.


Exposure - Changes the images exposure.

Postprocessing mode - Changes the tonemap used.

  • None

  • Gamma correction

  • Tonemap operator 1

  • ACES filmic tonemapping - Darker than other tonemaps; raise exposure.

  • Hable tonemapping


Render threads - Changes the number of threads Chunky should use while rendering. (Needs restart)

CPU utilization - Adds in sleep cycles to the rendering process to attempt to reduce the CPU usage. Would recommend using Render threads for more predictable scaling.

Ray depth - Controls the number of times a ray is allowed to bounce without striking a light source before killed. For outdoor scenes a value between 3-5 should typically be enough with indoor scenes benifitting more from higher values around 10. Higher values offer more realistic light bounce however at a cost to render time. Balance this carefully.

Merge render dump - Useful for multi-PC rendering. Merges a renders .dump file into the currently loaded scene combining the total SPP.

Shutdown computer when render completes - Toggle.

Fast Fog - Impacts the quality of fog rendering. Typically only noticable if viewing fog through alpha textures which is rare.

Sky cache resolution - Resolution of the rendered simulated sky. Lower values may boost rendering performance at the cost of sky model accuracy.

Output mode - PNG (default), TIFF, 32-bit floating point, PFM, Portable FloatMap (32-bit)

Octree implementation - PACKED (default), BIGPACKED, NODE (legacy)

Emitter grid size- Controls size of emitter grid.

Prevent normal emitter when using emitter sampling - Attempts to disable typical random emitter hits which would reduce noise.


Camera bindings, see Render Preview for up-to-date controls.

Table of contents